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eventful saturday

Lovely day yesterday. Woke up early..8:14am. But it was refreshing. Ummm got bagels and headed to the bronx zoo. Well it was HUGE..oh man Idk what the hell I did, but I'm old. Mike was like oh I feel bad, but its old news to me..its like oh ya this? me, its ok...really. But my favorite thing prob was the bears..mmm I felt like they were hubby and wifey. Play wrestling and kissing..totally my kinda marriage haha. I liked the gorillaz but they were too overrated..too many people were obsessed so that took away my interest a little. I did like the zebra ass deer body animal..must get made fun of by his friends tho. Hmm the butterflies were cute. Err animals just dont excite me as much as they used to. Aquariums are way better..I think water animals are way more interesting. I like the seals b/c they look like bustie's face!
Came back home around 5:30ish. BBQed..oh man I forgot to eat the leftovers for lunch! oh kelsey. Well twas good. chic&saus&mac&peas. Got ice cream at friendlys..I miss my hunka chunka pb fudge and reeses, good treat! Watched Enchanted for the third time, <3. It makes you believe fairy tales really do come true, thatd be sweet. And then we just hung out..he's a very lovely beautiful boy really. Whats he see in me? You know, besides that I'm a trip and a half. :). otherwise, friggin PYSCHO. yes.
Haha tried to dance last night, but it was painful! So I just searched the web for new looks -----> Think I'm gonna try to change my look around a little. Eh we'll see what I can come up with. Experimenting time..well hopefully I can this week, although I have a genetics test next Tues, which is STUPID. School is STUPID..in one month I will be done..thank you and have a good day.
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