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Ew I feel icky today. I was a chocolate whore yesterday so I exercised at 11:30-midnight last night. First, treadmill for ass then bike for legs? Idk, but I loved it. I was getting tired of healthy food, I just went crazy with chemicaled chocolate...sdfgdgfghrthhg! That's what I did to that coco. Think I wanna keep exercising, mmmm.
So I've been studying&slacking. Mostly slacking. Hey 30 days till graduation! Thanks! Err I got nothing good to say...I'm just a dirty diana..little mess. I'm listening to Suddenly Seymour..ahaha her voice is so..big for a little lady? whoa. Me&nik used to make fun of this haha. Ya the past few days I've been listening to music under the TV & Movies folder. good stuff. Hmm maybe I'll come back after I shower. Right now..I can't wait another minute I've got the urge to Herbal..It's oh so natural oh baby babyyy ya.
Ok all clean! Was refreshing. Haha so I read that Burts Bees Diaper Ointment is good for your skin cause it has Vitamins A&E and well I love it! Hey anything thats good enough for a babys bottom is good enough for my face. Now I just go around smelling like a lotioned babys ass, which isnt bad lol. Think I could swear by it! yay.
gonna eat a salmon sand with a whole bag of vegs! excited! then studying...boo
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