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whoa just had a dance attack.
So yes...DONE with my academic career at Stony Brook University. All I want to say about it is YES FINALLY. Ok I want to say more. It was def very tough at times, but I learned a lot. Esp about myself. Ya so I know the point of college is to learn book stuff, but its a combo package. No regrets. I give my exp a B/B-. Too much studying and not enough partying. I shoulda done that, eh? Well I got 67 more yrs so somewhere b/w now and then Imma get smashed several times.
PS Why do I ALWAYS have to cross my legs when I sit down at the comp. Gives me back probs and I still must do it. NO MORE.
Anyway, in a week I'll be at my first day of work. Gonna be fab? Need good shoes though. Yest I was freaking out about the health insurance plans bc they suck for my meds. It's like fuck. All my money will go to everything else but me. Guess that's life, eh?
Haha after talk about my love for fake blood last night...oh I just had to get it out. Put it all down my face, but it didnt look real..looks like an artistic piece or something. Pathetic! One day I wanna put it ALL OVER me and take a shower just to watch all the red water go down the drain. Man I love that. Like when you dye your hair..I LOVE to see all the color wash down. FAV. Freak? duh. Haha one time I put all this black&blue eye makeup around one eye just for fun. Looked so freaky. FREAK.
Okkk so on a diff note..hopefully fun stuff today? yes.
I miss mike.
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