Diana (smiley86) wrote,

you can breathe now.

Well, it's been 5 months since I wrote. During that time I got really worse and had to quit estee. I almost gave up hope, but did not. I went to chiros for my neck cracking and the latest one told me to get tested for lyme disease. I did and found out it was positive on every test on dec 20th. Of course I cried forever. Not MS, but something curable? I knew it, why didn't anyone listen? It's been the worse 2 years ever. So antiboics for me although they stink. Must cure myself with crazy supplements, duh. It's the hardest lesson learning that no one can really help you, but you. Parents can just watch as their daughter is falling apart. Siblings and friends pretend you're normal. I never knew I was this strong. I wouldn't just accept MS and look what it's got me. Better.

Tired of it controlling every part of my life and every thought. Fight.
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