Diana (smiley86) wrote,

mm feels good to be happy

I love my hair when I wake up..it's like a huge tidal wave. But it's eh because it makes me look about 32.
So neck's FINALLY getting better. My necking and backing intenseness is working..*knocks on wood.* Still cracks a bit, but less.
Yesterday was fun. I was sitting in the lounge waiting for class to start and nikki comes! I decided I'd just cut class..haha already cut tues mmmhmm. We picked up kil face and headed to steve&barrys. I returned my poo shoes and poo sunglasses. We all got $5.43 footlongs and came back to my house for a bit. Lovely! Went to sb for the movie screenings..nikki's was the best! I was errr :/, I was nervous for her!
When I got home I was full from the cookies, chips and popcorn, but I saw strawbs and couldnt resist! Then I saw half a loaf of italian bread and ate it ALL. PREGGERS! oh marrone..terrible news all around.
today imma exercise lots..head to sb for studying..clean my whoreish room. idk maybe stay home tonight. we'll see...
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