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byebye april

Had interview today..seems like a DULL job, but she was nice. She gave me a science test..did pretty shitty lol. Idk..not too excited about it..we'll see.
Now I have a whole day to get stuff done..might make it a zen day. A walk seems in order.
Wtf I havent written in a week and I have nothing to say..I'm tired and blah lol.
Looked up scorpio stuff and I never found a description more like me:
The first thing that you will notice about a Scorpion is the spellbinding gaze of his/her eyes. It will look as if they are piercing deep into your soul and getting access to your deepest feelings. Indecisiveness is not a scorpion trait. Their answers are either yes or no. They are passionate in love and can hate with equal aggressiveness. Flattery is not their cup of tea. Others opinion hardly matter to them as they know what they are.

I like that.
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