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im not really scared

Whoa been busy.
I'm feeling better now..a lot better. It's funny how your mood can change with just a single hopeful thought.
But bah, important finals tomorrow..I'm a slacker.
Concert Monday was sweet. I <3 Tegan&Sara. They are so cute, bffs?
So the opening band was PURE AMAZING. ummmmmm I love them now. Little Aussie band, An Horse. They sound a bit like tegsandsara. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Heres my weekend/beg week in a nut shell.
-got job
-mike met sin. haha
-saw made of honor
-was a wreck
-babs for mother's day. walked down to the store and got ices :)
-napped, studied
-Last class, pizza party!
-Woke up late, went to school to study
-Hmmm go home? Nope. Starbucks 2 try and study more. + Khc
-Today = studying at lib or school. maybe both?

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