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I flew home back to where we met
I stayed inside, I was so upset
I cooked up a plan
So good except I was all alone, you were all I had
Love you, well you were all mine
Love me, I was yours, right?

Signnnn tegs&sara are a-mazing.

I understand how people get consumed by their careers. It's like on the weekends, what? no work? Seems friggin weird. I got more free samples today! Wearing the lip gloss and perfume now. Lusious di. HAHA I got a message from my Dad at 8 saying "wheres hoonsoot???" I come home and he runs to me. Eeeeesh. But I like my hour switch. Larry was right, I am a night person. Mmmmm. Got McDonalds cause m&d had it and I was like gooood idea. She couldnt hear me and Im like Im turning into my motha! (whom no one ever hears).
Got my deliassssssssss. online shopping is fun!!!
dancing time, i missed it, MUAH!
ps. Uncle joeys wedding was good! cept my pics=poo.licious. ew lol
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